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Are you bored with the same look? Get some easy tips on how to change it.

2017-10-21 03:13:10 0 By: Htullvhss Times Read: 252

Are you dying for a new look? Have you had the same style for more than four or five years? Want to shake things up a little without losing yourself in the process? This article will show you how to do just that and make an easy and successful transformation!

Fortunately, renovating your style isn’t as intimidating as you may believe. Changing up your style the right way is very important to keeping your look in tune with your way of living and preventing you from looking older or younger than your true age.

You can easily give your wardrobe a make-over and make the process of finding your new look gratifying, and fun, with just a few style tips and tricks.

Stick to basics

There is no need to break the bank to look great and stylish. A key component to your new look transformation is to buy versatile basic pieces for your new wardrobe like solid-colored tops, neutral dresses, a little black dress, classic black trousers, a great pair of jeans, dark denim, button-ups,  and an elegant blazer. You can add style on a budget by choosing accessories like belts, hats, scarves, jewelry, and glasses. Be strict and thoughtful about what you add to your new wardrobe. Avoid buying clothes that are too similar.

Do your research.

Study different trends if you know your needs and want a fashion change, but are unsure of where to begin. Use social media and the internet to your advantage, check out online resources for outside inspiration and for tips on what fashion trends are in or out.

1 Fashion blogs - Fashion bloggers are regular people like you and me with a special interest in fashion. Their websites are free and devoted to new trends and brands to watch out for. Search around for fashion blogs that fit your aesthetic.  

2 Follow Social Media - Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have allowed regular people to have much more interaction with fashion. Many bloggers, models, and designers use them to share information about their favorite trends and sources of inspiration.

Try #fashion on Instagram and find the accounts that get you most inspired and excited about new trends. You can also follow your favorite celebrities and designers whose style you most admire.

3 Read fashion publications like magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Wear Daily their websites are full of fashion articles about current fashion trends and how to wear them.

4 Print out or rip out different looks that inspire you - this will help you get a clear image of the type of style you like the most!

Find a fashion muse.

Choosing a fashion muse can be a helpful tool in shaping your new style. Whether you want to emulate a certain celebrity (famous or otherwise) or a stylish friend, studying different looks for inspiration can be a huge help in getting a clear image on how you’d like your new look to be. No matter whose looks you like, try to get a complete sense of their fashion persona and find ways to make it your own. The main goal is to create a look that is inspired and influenced by your muse but is distinctly your own. Observe and write down how they style certain pieces that you like. Take what you learn, but stay true to yourself!  

Make a list of Must-haves.

First, pick a style that you want to emulate, and take note of a few key articles that totally embody the look you're going for. Write down all the essential pieces in that style and then check out which of these things you already own.

Second, collect pictures of general outfits and clothes that you liked and next to them write what you liked about them. This can give you a chance to look at other styles and mix them in with each other.

Remember it's definitely worth it to expand your "fashion horizons," one's style is always evolving and changing a little bit day by day but is most important that through the process of searching for your new fashion style that you always feel like yourself, happy and at ease with your own style.

Be adventures, bolder and classy, embrace everything you can change, let go of any fear of change, and have fun in the process. Best of luck :)


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